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We have an abundance of frame options for everyone. Our knowledgeable staff can help you solve all your visual needs. We emphasize a balance of quality craftsmanship, stylish appearance and follow up care.

Our Opticians

Prescriptions filled with flawless accuracy by Licensed Opticians. Utilizing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in each patient experience. 

Our Specialty

We have the largest selection of glasses for children in BC. From babies to teens we offer something to match each child's specific eye care needs.

A rainbow of colors and playful designs to flexible frames that withstand the active lifestyle of children. At Roberts & Brown Opticians we offer the largest collection of glasses for infants and children in British Columbia. With over 150 frames in variety of sizes and styles our experienced staff is here to help you to find the perfect combination of fashion and function to match your child's eyeglass and prescription needs. We are familiar with the very specialized needs of children and we work closely with the department of Ophthalmology at BC children's hospital and frame supplier to offer the best possible solutions for your child's eyeglass needs. We focus on providing a positive experience for children to get them excited about wearing glasses. Our inviting children's area and wall of fame allow even hesitant new wearers to see the excitement in getting new glasses. Roberts & Brown Opticians also specializes in uniquely customized fitting modifications make the glasses fit each child.

Here are a few of the fabulous brands we feature, Our stock is always evolving and we regularly receive new styles.

Jonas Paul frames are a refined and sophisticated collection of cool glasses for kids, created for children (and their parents) who care about fashion. This collection of frames is on the cutting edge of fashion frame trends. From round children's glasses, to clear glasses for kids, to the more subtle tortoise kids glasses, Jonas Paul creates children's eyeglasses frames your kids will love to wear!

The NANO collections stands out from the crowd due to its maximum flexibility making them "Child-Proof". Thanks to its new patented exclusive hinge and SILIFLEX material; this unique thermo-adjustable material is 35% lighter than acetate frames and delivers a long lasting and durable finish. Forget about constant breakages. In addition to these features, its special adaptability with manually adaptable temple tips, Adjustable mini-band and the possibility of exchange fixing system between temples and a headband, this has allowed the utility patent to the NANO frames.

With Etnia Barcelona's Children's frames you get the remarkable quality of craftsmanship combined with an innovative and fun sense of color.  Born from the company's ever growing commitment to providing an exceptionally unique product, they draw inspiration from their rich Spanish heritage and pride themselves on being at the forefront of style. In these glasses your child will have a product that is not only fashionable but extremely well made,  constructed from a high quality acetate that will hold up to everyday wear while still maintaining a nice glossy finish in a rainbow of eclectic colors.

Lafont prides themselves on creating an avant-garde style with vivid colors and unique patterns. Lafont kids frames have styles that mimic the fashion forward frames found in their adult collection, allowing your child to wear glasses at the cutting edge of style and design. The kids product line, like the rest, is made in Paris and involves a process that ranges from 120 to 200 steps.  Many of these steps are manually done, which is clear when you take hold of a Lafont product. 



Recognizing that the children of today are the fashion enthusiasts of tomorrow, the OGI Kids Collection gives them a head start.  Made to be durable and fashionable, these kids glasses closely mimic adult fashion forward styles, some even being a smaller duplicate from their mommy and me collection.  Bold plastic styles and vivid colors all made with quality craftsmanship in Japan.


The Inface collection is a broad range of frames, embracing different styles, shapes and ages. Our color range is chosen carefully inspired by the individual design and with fashion trends in mind. The Kids Collection is designed for the active everyday life; flexible and durable and extremely functional. Where life is fast and full of adventures. Inface focuses on the highest quality in design, materials and construction.

Flexon Jr. is the frame your kid needs if they live a life of constant play.  Since its launch in 1988, Flexon has changed the world of eyewear with its unique attributes, utilizing Japanese materials and technology. Flexon frames are lighter, stronger and more comfortable than any of its competitors. From simple classic designs to edgy styles the original memory metal frames appeal to the widest range of children.

Nike has revolutionized athletic sportswear and Nike Vision eyewear brings the same inspiration and innovation to athletic styled eyeglasses. Flexible sporty style in neutral or vivid colors and on trend styles meld together the athletic and fashion world, for the athlete in everyone.

EasyTwist frames made for active children. They are made with Trilaston, a proprietary memory metal innovation, known for it's elasticity and unsurpassed shape recovery properties. This along with a patented Turboflex hinge allows the temple to rotate 360 ensuring maximum durability giving the frame the ability to withstand wear and tear and hold their shape.

MEXX glasses are appealing to kids' tastes, these frames make wearing glasses a lot more fun while maintaining the fine European craftsmanship and wearer-comfort you’ve come to love and expect from Mexx. Created in sizes, nose fitting and temple length that are optimized for young and small faces. Vibrant colors or pastels, patterned or plain, Mexx offers a collection of metal and plastic frames made in Germany that conquer the youth fashion world of eyewear.

REC SPECS help you play like a PRO with certified protection in prescription and non prescription sports glasses. RecSpec frames are specifically designed to protect against impact and are tested to meet or exceed the strictest ASTM F803 standards. They’re also engineered to handle any prescription. So you get comfortable, durable protection without sacrificing sight or style. 

Babies, kids and young teens need sunglasses more than adults do. Since the human eye is not fully developed until children reach 15, they are particularly vulnerable to the hazards of the sun’s rays. Julbo is committed to helping parents find the right frames and lenses you need to protect your children’s vision. Julbo offers fashionable eyewear suitable for all ages, from toddlers to young adults.

Eye Patches

The Ortopad® patch is a latex-free, hypo-allergenic orthoptic eye patch for the treatment of lazy eye (amblyopia, strabismus) and is available in three sizes: The Ortopad patches have a special shape with nasal slits cut into the patch for a better fit close to the nose, allowing the patch to fit well under eye glasses. Ortopad Boys, Fun Pack and Elite patches all have 100% cotton material which allows the skin to breathe naturally and minimizes eyelid perspiration. Ortopad White and Beige patches have a monostretch breathable non-woven material. The adhesive is hypo-allergenic and latex-free, and is especially suitable for delicate and sensitive skin, offering maximum comfort even with prolonged use. The special light protection inlay assures maximum shielding from light. Each Ortopad patch is individually wrapped for convenience. Available in 3 size Junior (up to 2 years) Medium (2 - 4 years) Regular (over 4 years).

EZE-PATCH is for spectacle wearers requiring occlusion therapy. The occluder slips onto the glasses over the lense and the hypo-allergenic fabric lays against and around the orbital area. Each occluder is interchangeable between eyes by removing the motif, reversing the occluder and then re-attaching the motif in the other direction.  Each package of EZE-PATCH contains two occluders of different colors and motifs, while the patches are reusable and can be hand washed.

At Roberts & Brown Opticians we have an abundance of ever changing frames in a variety of styles. From a minimalist rimless styles to bold colors, patterns and shapes no matter what your taste we offer something to suit your style. We carry a diverse array of frame brands that emphasize a balance of quality craftsmanship, stylish appearance and value. Below are a few of our featured brands, we have many more with new product arriving regularly. 

Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf frames are the gold standard in independent eyewear, handmade in Austria. From design inception, through creation, Andy Wolf eyewear is focused on uniquely designed eye glasses and sunglasses. Andy Wolf is disrupting the status quo in the optical industry with three feature collections each with their own unique personalities. The SOUL, LOVE and WHITE HEAT collections range from minimal frame-less designs to dramatic cat eye and aviator styles. Andy Wolf glasses and sunglasses can be spotted on trendsetters and celebrities around the globe.

Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona is a pioneer in the study and application of color, made with natural acetate, a material that comes from cotton and is known for its comfort and malleability. Etnia Barcelona’s know-how, technical savvy and perfection are concepts acquired through experience. These small details that personalize our creations are part of the “savoir faire” we apply to each of our creations and what adds the excellence to each piece that only creators can give to their works. Whether it's their Vintage or Originals collection the inspiration and craftsmanship in evident in the product they offer.



The O&X eyewear collection by Kio Yamato is inspired by the richness and diversity of New York City, its people, its culture & its colors. KIO translates as pure and clean. The hallmarks of these components are their unheard of levels of comfort, durability, and never-before-seen visual style. KIO is dedicated to the craft of creating comfort and style through technical magnificence. Their passion for the arts of engineering and fashion is seen first-hand in the details of all their eyepieces. O&X eyewear has invested a great amount of energy to innovation in the material utility of acetates and metals. Every hand-made piece is the result of hundreds of production steps and immeasurable skill that you can feel in the product itself.




Modo is devoted to designing eyewear that blends effortless minimalism with seamless functionality. Modo combines manufacturing technology and hand crafted tradition. Modo is known for it's lightweight frame collections. The Paper-Thin Titanium frame collection features frames made with 0.6 mm-thick Beta Titanium 153, combining the lightness and strength of titanium with the utmost flexibility. Modo's Metal Core Acetate collection merges technological innovation with classic acetate style. The resilient stainless steel core is laminated between a super thin 2.8 mm acetate front, keeping the frames super light and always in shape. Modo continually strive to share a purpose, and with the "Buy a Frame-Give a Frame" program, Modo provides free eyewear to those in need with every frame purchased.  When you wear a Modo frame you are not only supporting a wonderfully forward thinking company, you are also receiving a product of exceptional design and high quality.


ÖGA embraces the Scandinavian spirit; masculine design and functionality. An uncompromising, discerning style, where the comfort of the frames in no way detracts from the originality of the design. ÖGA frames are distinguished by design and unexpected combinations of materials like wood and titanium. Inspired by architecture, shapes enhance function and purity This Scandinavian principle is based on the prominence of the functionality of a product while emphasizing the design, aesthetics, comfort and quality.  The collections are elegant designs inspired by a contemporary modern look for men with highest quality in designs made in France.


Lafont is superb Parisian optical eyewear with over ninety years of experience. Unparalleled expertise with an emphasis on elegance and strong family values, all backed by a name well known for one of a kinds eyeglass designs. Independent styling accomplished through innovative techniques, combined with high-tech French manufacturing, balanced by traditional know how.  The Lafont family has retained full control of its design activities and brand image since 1923. The precision of Lafont frame assembly, the attention to detail of it's finish, the balance of design and the uniformity along with harmony of the color scheme. Designs, patterns and colors all intended to surprise and delight the wearer with effortless Parisian chic.



A sophisticated neoclassical collection that uses the finest materials and time-honored techniques to contemporize classic shapes. A sophisticated and luxurious neoclassical collection, Seraphin uses time-honored techniques and carefully curated materials from around the world to contemporize classic and iconic eyewear. Our modern interpretations of a variety of vintage styles, dreamed up with an erudite understanding of optical design history, have earned worldwide recognition. With each meticulously handcrafted frame, Seraphin builds upon a tradition of trendsetting design while redefining the genre of luxury eyewear.


Bold, colorful, and contemporary luxury eyewear using premium materials and diligently placed details. Ogi Eyewear designs luxury spectacles unrivaled in quality and price point. Handcrafted from premium materials, Ogi’s original and bold styles are characterized by vivacious coloration, unique shaping, and diligently placed details. At the forefront of contemporary optical design, Ogi Eyewear constantly releases trendsetting styles that set the most demanding standards in the industry and push the parameters of affordable luxury. Ogi Eyewear’s Heritage Collection typifies the spirit of the company’s pedigree: colorful, well-made, and stylish frames that are particularly suited to smaller faces. The Evolution Collection, available in a variety of sizes, takes luxury eyewear to the next level by integrating premium materials and modern technology. Together, the Evolution and Heritage collections have earned Ogi Eyewear worldwide recognition as an innovative company at the forefront of optical design.

As an independently owned and operated practice Roberts & Brown Opticians are free to offer you an array of lens styles and brands to meet each patients individual visual needs. Whether it be Essilor, Nikon or Zeiss our knowledgeable staff can find the best lens solution based on our patients particular prescription requirements.

At Roberts & Brown Opticians we have a wealth of experience with the most challenging of lens needs including; High Astigmatism Lenses, High Prescription Myopic Lenses (Myodisc or Biconcave),  High Prescription Hyperopic Lenses (Lenticular or Omega), Lenticular Bifocals Lenses, Occupational Specialty Lenses, Lenses with Prism and Fresnel Prisms.


To create an exceptional pair of glasses we use the cutting-edge digital dispensing technology delivered by Visioffice to offer unparalleled personalized measuring capabilities. Over the last 50 years, the technology behind ophthalmic lens designs has greatly improved. Yet the way we fit and measure patients’ lenses has remained virtually the same. To get the full benefit of modern lens designs, it is necessary to go beyond the traditional measurements of PD and fitting heights. Providing measurements within 1/10 of a millimeter and taking into account unique wearer characteristic such as head tilt and unique optical eye rotation center. Visioffice allows us to be precise in our measurements to ensure that you get the most of the high quality lenses that we provide.


Experience the versatility and freedom of Transitions® Adaptive Lenses. You’ll always see life in the best light with Transitions® adaptive lenses from Essilor. These very popular lenses automatically adjust from clear to dark, and every shade in between. No more carrying different pairs of glasses – Transitions® lenses could be the only the pair you need!

Protect your eyes and your lenses. Be prepared for whatever comes your way by having clear vision. Crizal lenses from Essilor are engineered for your life. They provide protection against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water and UV light. For extra strength against scratching choose Crizal Forte coating, for the best glare reduction choose Crizal Sapphire or for the best protection against blue light from digital devices choose Crizal Prevencia. No matter your lens coating needs there is a Crizal product to best protect you!


For sharp vision and smooth transitions at any distance. Varilux Progressive lenses are the leader in digital design multifocals. For decades, Essilor has been dedicated to a single goal: helping you achieve the most natural vision possible through leading-edge research and technology. That’s why over 400 million people have chosen Varilux lenses. They’re designed with you in mind, to provide sharp, natural vision at any distance and in any situation. As a Varilux Exclusive Gold member we can offer our patients the newest and best progressive lenses, making the adaptation to a new lens an easy and smooth transition.


Superior Polarized Prescription Sun Lenses. Think all sun lenses are created equal? Think again. Xperio UV™ polarized prescription sun lenses provide maximum UV protection by reducing the amount of UV exposure on both the front and back of the lenses. Xperio UV lenses provide an Eye-Sun Protective Factor (E-SPF®) of 50+, meaning the eyes are 50 times better protected than they are without lenses. Xperio UV lenses are available in a variety of solid and gradient colors, also offer exceptional scratch resistance for better durability and eliminate glare for sharp outdoor color perception.

Reduce Strain from Viewing Digital Devices and daily over accommodation. Eyezen glasses are designed to protect your eyes in multiple ways. It’s this combination of groundbreaking vision solutions that keep your eyes relaxed and comfortable. Eyezen glasses also selectively filter up to 20% of harmful blue light rays. These lenses let beneficial blue-turquoise light pass through while deflecting a significant amount of the dangerous blue-violet light. Eyezen lenses are also enhanced to help you see comfortably regardless of device sizes and the distances you hold them. This helps you continue to see clearly and reduce eye strain.

Tired of dealing with foggy lenses on your eyeglasses? Get fog-free vision with Optifog lenses from Essilor. Simply wipe your Optifog lenses with the Optifog Activator Cloth. It activates the anti-fog properties and cleans your lenses at the same time! Don’t let fog come between you and seeing your best. Optifog is perfect for sports goggles, occupational lenses or simply to keep your lenses clear and fog free 100% of the time!


As an independently owned and operated business we can offer our patient

a range of Lens brands and styles


Over the years, Nikon has proved that it can deliver outstanding performance in the most extreme conditions. From missions in the blistering cold weather to the unpredictable environment in space, Nikon has earned the status of a legendary brand. Regardless of your wearing environment, you can expect your Nikon lenses to deliver superior optics, and reliability, optical innovation, quality and durability. By choosing Nikon ophthalmic lenses, you are entering a world of passion, a world of visionaries.


The Zeiss name is known for quality, craftsmanship and superior optics in glass lenses. Zeiss thin lenses are available for everyday prescriptions all the way up to very strong hyperopia and complex prescriptions, going as high as the -20’s. Zeiss thin lenses are available in single vision, progressive and bifocal designs. Zeiss glass lenses can be made in 1.8 and 1.9 glass making them thinner than available in plastic.


The Varilux®, Visioffice®, Transitions®, Crizal®,  Xperio®, EyeZen® and Optifog® brand is a registered trademark of Essilor International (Compagnie Générale d’Optique), used under license

Our staff has a wealth of knowledge and experience. We are committed to elevating the patient experience. No matter your visual needs we have the proficiency and fitting expertise to create glasses best suited to you.


Sheena Taff

Sheena the managing optician (licensed) and the face of Roberts & Brown Opticians. With her near decade in the optical industry she brings a wealth of experience and a passionate eye for fashionable and functional eyeglasses. Sheena is dedicated to the latest optical innovations and technology, applying her skills to help find every patient the perfect frame and lens combination for their individual eye health needs. With her thoughtful approach to melding lens choice and in style frames, you can be assured you will walk out with a pair of glasses that will suit not only your visual needs but also your desire to look and feel your absolute best. In 2017 Sheena was named Transitions Brand Ambassador of the year for her work to further the conversation about the optical benefits of Transitions lenses for eye health and style benefits. Sheena is well known within the industry for sharing her passion for eyeglasses and shares this through articles published both in magazines and online outlets.


La Reyn Rivera

La Reyn is a Douglas College graduate on her way to becoming a Licensed Optician. She is committed to the technical knowledge required to be an excellent optician and during her hands on apprenticeship at Roberts & Brown Opticians has become skilled in fitting patients with the perfect pair of lenses. La Reyn offers patients a discerning and fashionable eye that fits well with the team at Roberts and Brown.


Elena Pryadkina

Despite still being a student, in her second year of opticianry school, Elena’s optical knowledge is nearly unparalleled among her student peers. Since her education began, Elena has become something of a rising star within the optical industry. Through her blog and social media presence, Elena earned an elite spot as one of only two Canadian Student Ambassador for Transitions lenses.

Robert and Brown Pics-0017.jpg

Noel Brown is the founder of Roberts & Brown Opticians, Noel has over 50 years experience in the optical industry. In the 26 years since the opening of Roberts & Brown Opticians, Noel has managed to create a destination experience for adults and children alike. Within the pediatric optical community Roberts & Brown Opticians has become synonymous with being able to help even the most challenging cases. While focusing on providing a level of service unparalleled within the optical industry, Noel has developed a respected reputation with patients as well as the doctors who refer them.


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Roberts & Brown Opticians is committed to providing customer service that exceeds expectations using quality products as well as a transparent approach to sales. We are dedicated to be an industry leader with an ethical approach that makes us stand out amongst independents as well as our corporate competition. 

At Roberts & Brown Opticians we pride ourselves on providing the hands on, continued patient care. We strive to solve all your visual needs allowing our patients to see to their full potential. We have been a family owned and operated business for 25 years and the relationships we create with our patients span generations.

Roberts & Brown Opticians has an in store finishing lab giving us the ability to complete and repair glasses onsite. We offer 1 hour lab service   (for pre-ordered lenses) offering our patients to update prescription lenses without having to send glasses away.                                                        

Store Hours Monday to Friday 10:00 - 6:00 & Saturday 10:00 to 4:00

Lab Hours Monday to Friday 10:00-4:00 & Saturdays 10:00-2:00 Our lab closes two hours prior to store closing





When color and technology come together you have endless opportunities to express your style. Transitions light adaptive lenses have just launched in 4 new fashion colors.

 With Transitions Style Colors you can have crystal clear lenses indoors and effortless conversion to stylish sun lenses outdoors.


Meet Amethyst.  Looking at her you can feel the balance and inner strength that radiates from her core.  These fun and flirty lenses are great for a picnic at the park with friends and a romantic dinner with that special someone.  The color of these lenses go from a playful mid purple to an elegant deep plum.  From sassy to classy Amethyst is for you.


Meet Emerald.  Her lenses relay a strength and beauty that shows why namesake gemstone was among Cleopatra’s favorites.  With its lush blueish-green tones it is to imagine these lenses at garden party or an elegant night on the town.  No matter what stage of color saturation these Emerald Transitions Lenses are showing, everyone around you will be green with envy.


Meet Amber.  Don’t let the name fool you. His masculine depth and golden aura have an adaptability that is great for all different types of people and can be seen at the ballpark on a sunny afternoon and the pub after work.  The color of these lenses range from a light copper to a deep chestnut.  For the safe and rebellious alike, Amber has you covered.


Meet Sapphire. She exudes the type of sophistication and confidence that is so often associated with royalty.   With this type of confidence these lenses could range from the beach to the club.  The stages of color convert from a sheer royal blue to deep navy tones, looking at Sapphire Transitions Lenses will have you feeling like you are lost in the deep ocean of her eyes

These four new additions, are a perfect compliment to the current collection of Transitions Lenses. Now 7 magnificent Transitions Lens colors are available, no matter your style we can help you stay adaptive in every light!

TOMS Glasses & Sunglasses

1 Pair of Glasses = Sight for 1 Person

toms logo.jpg

Our newest collection will have you feeling great about yourself in your new glasses and feeling great for giving back.  Each pair of TOMS frames sold help restore sight to an individual by supporting a full eye exam and sight-saving surgery, prescription glasses or medical treatment.


There is no denying that you will feel fantastic in TOMS glasses. The collection has many petite frame models for smaller faces, without any sacrifice on style. TOMS eyewear has a very cool collection of acetate colours and patterns, featuring some of Springs must have frame trends such as blush tones, translucent and rose gold. 

Come and see the variety of frame styles in both metal and plastic,  for men and women. While you might not think on trend style when you think of TOMS, their eyewear collection will change your mind.

We Love Eyes

Clean, healthy eyes are the foundation of

good vision.

At Roberts & Brown Opticians we are in the business of healthy, happy eyes! And clean eyes are happy eyes! WE LOVE EYES is a eyelash and eyelid cleansing system designed to naturally clean off makeup and everyday allergies (for those who don't wear eye makeup). WE LOVE EYES products are all natural tea tree product created by an optometrist and is free of harmful Sulfates, Paraben's, Fragrance, Formaldehyde, and Gluten. WE LOVE EYES is also Vegan, Cruelty Free, Non-irritating, Allergy tested and Dermatologist tested.

Dry eyes? Itchy eyelids?

Remove allergens, makeup debris and other sources of inflammation to keep your eyes feeling whitest & brightest.


Wear makeup?

Sleeping with your eye makeup is a dirty habit. Makeup residue leaves your eyes inflamed and increases the signs of aging. Yikes!

Wear contacts?

Remove sources of inflammation and your contacts will feel less dry and your eyes will feel whiter and brighter.

Wear extensions?

Now you can clean your eyelids without damaging your lash extensions. Don't worry, your investment is safe with us.

Classic Inspiration from Etnia Barcelona

The Vintage Collection

Roberts and Brown Opticians is excited to introduce the Vintage Collection from Etnia Barcelona.  This collection is inspired by some of the most influential cities from the counterculture of the 1970’s.  The use of colour in the Vintage Collection is a homage to the independent spirit that influenced and shaped a cultural rebellion.


The cities represented are as diverse and eclectic as the frame designs that bear their names.  Cities such as Williamsburg, Shoreditch, Wimbledon, Mission District, Le Marais and even our very own Kitsilano.  

The frames in the collection are made with a unique vintage metal core temple, designed with Art Nouveau motifs by the brand's design team. This metal temple rod can be glimpsed inside the acetate or viewed exposed on the metal frames. Engraved with a laser to achieve high precision in the lines of the motif.

In this Vintage collection, we have introduced 15 colours in acetate for the base of the frame, front and temples. The colours selected are part of the history of eyeglasses, attaining the status of "classics" in the optical sector. Their creation dates to the year 1970, and feature a palette of dark, glass and honey tones.

With 15 different frame styles to choose from you will be able to find one that speaks to you, while also staying at the forefront of current trends such as round frames, brow bars and the timelessly classic Aviator. Each frame is designed and crafted with Etnia Barcelona’s usual attention to craftsmanship and style.

Visit us today to see these wonderful glasses and transport yourself and your style to a true time of cultural renaissance.

Meet the OyoBox

Roberts and Brown Opticians is proud to carry OYOBox eyewear organizers. The OYOBox luxury eyewear organizer allows you to store and organize your designer frames in style. Never again rummage through dressers and drawers to choose your eyewear for the day. Eyewear belongs in an OYOBox same as jewelry belongs in a jewelry box.

The OyoBox features;

  • Handcrafted with seven layers of lacquer
  • Made out of durable wood
  • Stainless steel ball hinges
  • Shatterproof top window
  • Creamy leatherette interior
  • Specially engineered interior partition
  • Soft velvet underside cover
  • Universal Neoprene sunglass pouch
    and reusable OYOBox carrying tote included

OYOBoxes come in a rainbow of colors and 2 sizes to fit your eyeglass needs.  With purchase you will receive your OYOBox, a traveling box as well as a carrying bag making it a wonderful gift idea for the fashionable eyeglass wearer in your life.

If you consider your eyeglasses as a fashion piece, as visible an accessory as any piece of jewelry, come visit us and inquire about adding the OYOBox to your life.

   Limited Edition Sunglasses and Eyeglass Frames                                 By      Etnia Barcelona

   Limited Edition Sunglasses and Eyeglass Frames

                            By Etnia Barcelona


Roberts and Brown is excited to announce the Jean Michel Basquiat Collection from Etnia Barcelona. Right in time for the inevitable turn to Spring and Summer we are now selling the Special Edition Collection.

This Limited release collection of sunglasses features 4 frame styles available in 3 exclusive mirror finishes on lenses, pure mineral crystal lenses, offering unparalleled clarity of vision.

As usual with Etnia Barcelona products you are getting European style with an unparalleled craftsmanship that makes them an industry leader.


                                           Basquiat 04 - Fallen Angel   

                                           Basquiat 04 - Fallen Angel


Who is Jean Michel Basquiat?

Jean Michel Basquiat was an American artist who was famous at the age of 20. He revolutionized the New York art world in the eighties. In the late 80’s he caught the attention of Andy Warhol and started a collaboration with the legend.Reaching international fame thanks to powerful and expressive works that addressed themes like racism, politics, and social hypocrisy. Up to today his work continues to have enormous influence.  Jean Michel Basquiat is celebrated for his works which have been displayed all over the world.  Basquiat died in 1988 becoming another member of the notorious Club 27.

Eyeglasses meets Art

With this capsule collection of frames you have the unique opportunity to combine your eyeglass with fashion, style and color inspired by a legendary artist.

Each frame displaying patterns constructed based on three original works by the artist. This makes each of the models in this capsule a unique piece, differentiated from the others, with a common denominator consisting of three vertices recalling the three points of his iconic crown, his artistic legacy.

Do not miss out on this chance to have a such a unique product as part of your eyeglass collection.