Our staff has over 100 years combined experience in the Optical industry.  A wealth of knowledge and expertise is utilized in every patient experience. No matter your visual needs we have the proficiency and fitting expertise to create glasses best suited to you.


Sheena Taff

Sheena the managing optician (licensed) and the face of Roberts & Brown Opticians.  With her near decade in the optical industry she brings a wealth of experience and a passionate eye for fashionable and functional eyeglasses.  Sheena is dedicated to the latest optical innovations and technology, applying her skills to help find every patient the perfect frame and lens combination for their individual eye health needs.  With her thoughtful approach to melding lens choice and in style frames, you can be assured you will walk out with a pair of glasses that will suit not only your visual needs but also your desire to look and feel your absolute best. In 2017 Sheena was named Transitions Brand Ambassador of the year for her work to further the conversation about the optical benefits of Transitions lenses for eye health and style benefits.  Sheena is well known within the industry for sharing her passion for eyeglasses and shares this through articles published both in magazines and online outlets.


Adriana Shoblom

Throughout Adriana’s eight years as an licensed optician, she has developed a set of skills that allow her to provide exceptional service to every person that enters Roberts and Brown Opticians.  With her colorful personality and light hearted approach Adriana loves interacting with patients of all ages and informing them about the importance of overall eye health. Adriana is truly a “Jack of all Trades”, whether it is finding and fitting the perfect pair of glasses or solving a difficult problem in our on-site lab, her knowledge is always up to the task. 

She brings a unique style and passion to every aspect of her role at Roberts and Brown Opticians.  This passion is evident and extends from basic repairs to helping people see the world in a better way.  Adriana is an exceptional asset to Roberts and Brown Opticians and a wonderful resource for any one that comes to visit the store.

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Noel Brown

Noel Brown is the founder of Roberts & Brown Opticians, Noel has over 50 years experience in the optical industry.  In the 26 years since the opening of Roberts & Brown Opticians, Noel has managed to create a destination experience for adults and children alike.  Within the pediatric optical community Roberts & Brown Opticians has become synonymous with being able to help even the most challenging cases.  While focusing on providing a level of service unparalleled within the optical industry, Noel has developed a respected reputation with patients as well as the doctors who refer them.  


Corinne Ruhnau

Corinne continues her 35 year career within the optical industry by joining the family business. Corinne's optical career experience has taken her through many levels of eyeglass creation. For nearly 10 years Corinne worked for the Essilor lab in the lower mainland responsible for manufacturing many of the lenses she now dispenses. This experience on the production end of lens manufacturing has given Corinne an in depth understanding of the process of production and the technical ability of lens creation. This is where Corinne continues to thrive with her work at Roberts & Brown Opticians, maintaining focus on helping patients see the benefit of optical health and a great pair of eyeglasses.