When color and technology come together you have endless opportunities to express your style. Transitions light adaptive lenses have just launched in 4 new fashion colors.

 With Transitions Style Colors you can have crystal clear lenses indoors and effortless conversion to stylish sun lenses outdoors.


Meet Amethyst.  Looking at her you can feel the balance and inner strength that radiates from her core.  These fun and flirty lenses are great for a picnic at the park with friends and a romantic dinner with that special someone.  The color of these lenses go from a playful mid purple to an elegant deep plum.  From sassy to classy Amethyst is for you.


Meet Emerald.  Her lenses relay a strength and beauty that shows why namesake gemstone was among Cleopatra’s favorites.  With its lush blueish-green tones it is to imagine these lenses at garden party or an elegant night on the town.  No matter what stage of color saturation these Emerald Transitions Lenses are showing, everyone around you will be green with envy.


Meet Amber.  Don’t let the name fool you. His masculine depth and golden aura have an adaptability that is great for all different types of people and can be seen at the ballpark on a sunny afternoon and the pub after work.  The color of these lenses range from a light copper to a deep chestnut.  For the safe and rebellious alike, Amber has you covered.


Meet Sapphire. She exudes the type of sophistication and confidence that is so often associated with royalty.   With this type of confidence these lenses could range from the beach to the club.  The stages of color convert from a sheer royal blue to deep navy tones, looking at Sapphire Transitions Lenses will have you feeling like you are lost in the deep ocean of her eyes

These four new additions, are a perfect compliment to the current collection of Transitions Lenses. Now 7 magnificent Transitions Lens colors are available, no matter your style we can help you stay adaptive in every light!

TOMS Glasses & Sunglasses

1 Pair of Glasses = Sight for 1 Person

toms logo.jpg

Our newest collection will have you feeling great about yourself in your new glasses and feeling great for giving back.  Each pair of TOMS frames sold help restore sight to an individual by supporting a full eye exam and sight-saving surgery, prescription glasses or medical treatment.


There is no denying that you will feel fantastic in TOMS glasses. The collection has many petite frame models for smaller faces, without any sacrifice on style. TOMS eyewear has a very cool collection of acetate colours and patterns, featuring some of Springs must have frame trends such as blush tones, translucent and rose gold. 

Come and see the variety of frame styles in both metal and plastic,  for men and women. While you might not think on trend style when you think of TOMS, their eyewear collection will change your mind.

We Love Eyes

Clean, healthy eyes are the foundation of

good vision.

At Roberts & Brown Opticians we are in the business of healthy, happy eyes! And clean eyes are happy eyes! WE LOVE EYES is a eyelash and eyelid cleansing system designed to naturally clean off makeup and everyday allergies (for those who don't wear eye makeup). WE LOVE EYES products are all natural tea tree product created by an optometrist and is free of harmful Sulfates, Paraben's, Fragrance, Formaldehyde, and Gluten. WE LOVE EYES is also Vegan, Cruelty Free, Non-irritating, Allergy tested and Dermatologist tested.

Dry eyes? Itchy eyelids?

Remove allergens, makeup debris and other sources of inflammation to keep your eyes feeling whitest & brightest.


Wear makeup?

Sleeping with your eye makeup is a dirty habit. Makeup residue leaves your eyes inflamed and increases the signs of aging. Yikes!

Wear contacts?

Remove sources of inflammation and your contacts will feel less dry and your eyes will feel whiter and brighter.

Wear extensions?

Now you can clean your eyelids without damaging your lash extensions. Don't worry, your investment is safe with us.

Classic Inspiration from Etnia Barcelona

The Vintage Collection

Roberts and Brown Opticians is excited to introduce the Vintage Collection from Etnia Barcelona.  This collection is inspired by some of the most influential cities from the counterculture of the 1970’s.  The use of colour in the Vintage Collection is a homage to the independent spirit that influenced and shaped a cultural rebellion.


The cities represented are as diverse and eclectic as the frame designs that bear their names.  Cities such as Williamsburg, Shoreditch, Wimbledon, Mission District, Le Marais and even our very own Kitsilano.  

The frames in the collection are made with a unique vintage metal core temple, designed with Art Nouveau motifs by the brand's design team. This metal temple rod can be glimpsed inside the acetate or viewed exposed on the metal frames. Engraved with a laser to achieve high precision in the lines of the motif.

In this Vintage collection, we have introduced 15 colours in acetate for the base of the frame, front and temples. The colours selected are part of the history of eyeglasses, attaining the status of "classics" in the optical sector. Their creation dates to the year 1970, and feature a palette of dark, glass and honey tones.

With 15 different frame styles to choose from you will be able to find one that speaks to you, while also staying at the forefront of current trends such as round frames, brow bars and the timelessly classic Aviator. Each frame is designed and crafted with Etnia Barcelona’s usual attention to craftsmanship and style.

Visit us today to see these wonderful glasses and transport yourself and your style to a true time of cultural renaissance.

Meet the OyoBox

Roberts and Brown Opticians is proud to carry OYOBox eyewear organizers. The OYOBox luxury eyewear organizer allows you to store and organize your designer frames in style. Never again rummage through dressers and drawers to choose your eyewear for the day. Eyewear belongs in an OYOBox same as jewelry belongs in a jewelry box.

The OyoBox features;

  • Handcrafted with seven layers of lacquer
  • Made out of durable wood
  • Stainless steel ball hinges
  • Shatterproof top window
  • Creamy leatherette interior
  • Specially engineered interior partition
  • Soft velvet underside cover
  • Universal Neoprene sunglass pouch
    and reusable OYOBox carrying tote included

OYOBoxes come in a rainbow of colors and 2 sizes to fit your eyeglass needs.  With purchase you will receive your OYOBox, a traveling box as well as a carrying bag making it a wonderful gift idea for the fashionable eyeglass wearer in your life.

If you consider your eyeglasses as a fashion piece, as visible an accessory as any piece of jewelry, come visit us and inquire about adding the OYOBox to your life.

   Limited Edition Sunglasses and Eyeglass Frames                                 By      Etnia Barcelona

   Limited Edition Sunglasses and Eyeglass Frames

                            By Etnia Barcelona


Roberts and Brown is excited to announce the Jean Michel Basquiat Collection from Etnia Barcelona. Right in time for the inevitable turn to Spring and Summer we are now selling the Special Edition Collection.

This Limited release collection of sunglasses features 4 frame styles available in 3 exclusive mirror finishes on lenses, pure mineral crystal lenses, offering unparalleled clarity of vision.

As usual with Etnia Barcelona products you are getting European style with an unparalleled craftsmanship that makes them an industry leader.


                                           Basquiat 04 - Fallen Angel   

                                           Basquiat 04 - Fallen Angel


Who is Jean Michel Basquiat?

Jean Michel Basquiat was an American artist who was famous at the age of 20. He revolutionized the New York art world in the eighties. In the late 80’s he caught the attention of Andy Warhol and started a collaboration with the legend.Reaching international fame thanks to powerful and expressive works that addressed themes like racism, politics, and social hypocrisy. Up to today his work continues to have enormous influence.  Jean Michel Basquiat is celebrated for his works which have been displayed all over the world.  Basquiat died in 1988 becoming another member of the notorious Club 27.

Eyeglasses meets Art

With this capsule collection of frames you have the unique opportunity to combine your eyeglass with fashion, style and color inspired by a legendary artist.

Each frame displaying patterns constructed based on three original works by the artist. This makes each of the models in this capsule a unique piece, differentiated from the others, with a common denominator consisting of three vertices recalling the three points of his iconic crown, his artistic legacy.

Do not miss out on this chance to have a such a unique product as part of your eyeglass collection.