At Roberts & Brown Opticians we have an abundance of ever changing frames in a variety of styles. From a minimalist rimless styles to bold colors, patterns and shapes no matter what your taste we offer something to suit your style. We carry a diverse array of frame brands that emphasize a balance of quality craftsmanship, stylish appearance and value. Below are a few of our featured brands, we have many more with new product arriving regularly. 

Andy Wolf

Andy Wolf frames are the gold standard in independent eyewear, handmade in Austria. From design inception, through creation, Andy Wolf eyewear is focused on uniquely designed eye glasses and sunglasses. Andy Wolf is disrupting the status quo in the optical industry with three feature collections each with their own unique personalities. The SOUL, LOVE and WHITE HEAT collections range from minimal frame-less designs to dramatic cat eye and aviator styles. Andy Wolf glasses and sunglasses can be spotted on trendsetters and celebrities around the globe.

Etnia Barcelona

Etnia Barcelona is a pioneer in the study and application of color, made with natural acetate, a material that comes from cotton and is known for its comfort and malleability. Etnia Barcelona’s know-how, technical savvy and perfection are concepts acquired through experience. These small details that personalize our creations are part of the “savoir faire” we apply to each of our creations and what adds the excellence to each piece that only creators can give to their works. Whether it's their Vintage or Originals collection the inspiration and craftsmanship in evident in the product they offer.



The O&X eyewear collection by Kio Yamato is inspired by the richness and diversity of New York City, its people, its culture & its colors. KIO translates as pure and clean. The hallmarks of these components are their unheard of levels of comfort, durability, and never-before-seen visual style. KIO is dedicated to the craft of creating comfort and style through technical magnificence. Their passion for the arts of engineering and fashion is seen first-hand in the details of all their eyepieces. O&X eyewear has invested a great amount of energy to innovation in the material utility of acetates and metals. Every hand-made piece is the result of hundreds of production steps and immeasurable skill that you can feel in the product itself.




Modo is devoted to designing eyewear that blends effortless minimalism with seamless functionality. Modo combines manufacturing technology and hand crafted tradition. Modo is known for it's lightweight frame collections. The Paper-Thin Titanium frame collection features frames made with 0.6 mm-thick Beta Titanium 153, combining the lightness and strength of titanium with the utmost flexibility. Modo's Metal Core Acetate collection merges technological innovation with classic acetate style. The resilient stainless steel core is laminated between a super thin 2.8 mm acetate front, keeping the frames super light and always in shape. Modo continually strive to share a purpose, and with the "Buy a Frame-Give a Frame" program, Modo provides free eyewear to those in need with every frame purchased.  When you wear a Modo frame you are not only supporting a wonderfully forward thinking company, you are also receiving a product of exceptional design and high quality.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford created a true piece of Italian luxury, every pair of Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses have an effortless elegance and style which represents a timeless look. The Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses range features some truly beautiful and desirable pieces, extravagant, with the desire to express something new and different. Tom Ford eyewear is a true piece of Italian luxury. The collection is a combination of metal and acetate styles, the finish of each frame, being completed by hand in Italy. Tom Ford eyewear has been designed for both men and women; bold, yet elegant, they exude sophistication and a sense of luxury.


ÖGA embraces the Scandinavian spirit; masculine design and functionality. An uncompromising, discerning style, where the comfort of the frames in no way detracts from the originality of the design. ÖGA frames are distinguished by design and unexpected combinations of materials like wood and titanium. Inspired by architecture, shapes enhance function and purity This Scandinavian principle is based on the prominence of the functionality of a product while emphasizing the design, aesthetics, comfort and quality.  The collections are elegant designs inspired by a contemporary modern look for men with highest quality in designs made in France.


Lafont is superb Parisian optical eyewear with over ninety years of experience. Unparalleled expertise with an emphasis on elegance and strong family values, all backed by a name well known for one of a kinds eyeglass designs. Independent styling accomplished through innovative techniques, combined with high-tech French manufacturing, balanced by traditional know how.  The Lafont family has retained full control of its design activities and brand image since 1923. The precision of Lafont frame assembly, the attention to detail of it's finish, the balance of design and the uniformity along with harmony of the color scheme. Designs, patterns and colors all intended to surprise and delight the wearer with effortless Parisian chic.



A sophisticated neoclassical collection that uses the finest materials and time-honored techniques to contemporize classic shapes. A sophisticated and luxurious neoclassical collection, Seraphin uses time-honored techniques and carefully curated materials from around the world to contemporize classic and iconic eyewear. Our modern interpretations of a variety of vintage styles, dreamed up with an erudite understanding of optical design history, have earned worldwide recognition. With each meticulously handcrafted frame, Seraphin builds upon a tradition of trendsetting design while redefining the genre of luxury eyewear.


Bold, colorful, and contemporary luxury eyewear using premium materials and diligently placed details. Ogi Eyewear designs luxury spectacles unrivaled in quality and price point. Handcrafted from premium materials, Ogi’s original and bold styles are characterized by vivacious coloration, unique shaping, and diligently placed details. At the forefront of contemporary optical design, Ogi Eyewear constantly releases trendsetting styles that set the most demanding standards in the industry and push the parameters of affordable luxury. Ogi Eyewear’s Heritage Collection typifies the spirit of the company’s pedigree: colorful, well-made, and stylish frames that are particularly suited to smaller faces. The Evolution Collection, available in a variety of sizes, takes luxury eyewear to the next level by integrating premium materials and modern technology. Together, the Evolution and Heritage collections have earned Ogi Eyewear worldwide recognition as an innovative company at the forefront of optical design.